Cried in the dressing room

The other day I had to do some shopping for clothes. When I didn't fit in a certain size and caught a glimpse of my body, I cried. It hurt and it sucked. But after I wiped my face off, I went home more determined than ever. I spoke with dh about it and he agreed to run with me and help me reach my goals. I love him so much. He has never made me feel bad about my size and has never stopped loving me. He wants me to be healthy and he knows how much I want this so he is right there cheering me on. I also added another accountability partner and today I feel encouraged. I'm going to beat this!!! Q

Another AHA moment!!!

The other day after working out, I got on the scale. Once again, it hasn't budged. I cried for a few minutes and started looking over my workout notes. I couldn't find anything that really stood out to me. As I was driving to work, I realized I hadn't eaten breakfast and it all started to click. The confirmation came when I was reading in a health forum and an article was posted about how food has the greatest impact on your weight. It all made sense. I knew this before but it was until then that the lightbulb really went off.

My eating habits are sabotaging my weightloss!!! There I said it. And before anyone starts on me about eating right and blah blah blah, that is not the problem. I eat very clean and very healthy. My problem is eating, PERIOD. It seems like eating too little is just as bad as eating too much. I think my body thinks I am starving and is holding on to this weight until it feels the threat is over, LOL. Most days, I don't eat breakfast. I don't wake up hungry, I wake up thirsty. Sometimes I will go the entire day without eating. I know that's bad. It's not like I don't have stuff to eat because I keep healthy food and snacks around me, it's just that I don't have the desire to eat.

In order to remedy this, I've set my cell phone to notify me when to eat until it becomes a habit for me. My goal is to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks in between every 2-3 hours. I'm also putting notifications into my work email so I can have a back up reminder. I wouldn't be surprised if I finally dropped a couple of pounds next week. Q

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