How do I look? This is a pic of me right before the wedding. I think I look pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I still have to get the before pictures off the camera along with some others. But I wanted to share one with you guys. Thank you to everyone who pushed and encouraged me. I took a few days off to recover but yesterday I was back in the gym and I did a cardio/weight circuit. I will do some light workouts at home and next week I will be back to 2 a days and pushing. Now I'm on to Mission 8. A size 8 is my ultimate goal and I'm determined to be there before our vacation in June. I pray everyone is doing what they can to have their best body ever. Q

NYBP Day 14 Journal

I DID IT!!!!! Yes I did. I'm so happy to be done today. I mean it feels good. David Kirsch started to annoy me these last few days. LOL As of today, I lost 13 pounds in 13 days. I hope to be down one more tomorrow to make it 14 for 14. Today was super busy for me. I leave for the wedding tomorrow and I can't wait. I still plan on eating sensible at least until the reception.

As far as the overall program, I think it is great. It is a good way to get in shape in 2 weeks. I kinda wish I would have done more cardio because I think my results would have been better but I am proud of myself for pushing through Bikram yoga. Tomorrow morning I will weigh, measure, and take my progress pics. I'm already looking ahead and planning for the next stage. This is about more than just fitting into a dress or being a certain size, I want to be healthy and fit from here on out. There is no looking back!!! Q

NYBP Day 12 and 13 Journal

I had some difficulties with my internet and couldn't post. On day 12 I did my core workout program and on day 13 I did my upper body workout. I didn't do any additional cardio for day 12 but today I did Insanity Cardio abs and Turbo Jam Fat blaster. Tomorrow is my last day and I can't wait. The scale hasn't moved but I'm fine because I feel great. One more day!!!! Q

NYBP Day 11 Journal

David said the first couple of days are hard but these last five seem the hardest. Doing this plan over the weekend is the pits. I got up later than usual because of church so all of my eating was later. I tore that salmon and spinach up like it was no tomorrow. LOL I roasted some red potatoes and baked chicken for the family and I kept almost tasting the food. Man it smelled so good!!! I did my 15 minute lower body workout and the torso trimmer workout. Tomorrow morning I will do my core workout in the morning and my last Bikram class in the evening. From then on, I will do some Insanity cardio in the evenings until I leave on Thursday. I will take comparison pics on Thursday morning before I head out. Q

NYBP Day 10 Journal

I woke up down another pound. I haven't been able to do all of my torso trimmer workouts or additional yoga like I'd planned. I stayed in bed longer today which through my schedule off. I did Bikram at 3, relaxed for a bit and then just finished my Core program. I have 5 days left and I want to really push myself. I just have to stay focused. My eating went as follows:
Breakfast: Shake
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Shake
Snack: Baked salmon, spinach with olive oil and dijon mustard
Dinner: Shake

I still haven't taken anymore pics. I want to wait until all 14 days are done. I need to pick up some more fiber tomorrow. Bikram really wore me out today. The instructor was male and kind of um, er, ah different. He was more interactive than the others, had a gut, painted toe nails (red), and he didn't use the mic. I felt naseous and dizzy again but not like last time. I just did what I could on the standing part and put my all into the floor. I won't be able to go tomorrow because I need to pack and cook for the week. But I will be there Monday and that will make day 10 for me. I wanted to do more but life happens. I'm proud of myself for doing as many as I have. I won't be signing up for a membership because it's too expensive and I'm not "that" into it ya know? But I will buy single classes every now and then. I will also do the poses and movements at home to keep my flexibility up.

Welp I've rambled enough. I'm off to do some torso trimming ab work, body brush, take a shower and get to bed. Q

NYBP Day 9 Journal

Today was super busy with work and appointments. I did my upper body workout and Fat Blaster this morning. I was trying to get some yoga in but I stayed late at work trying to prep for Monday's class. My eating was a little off due to ripping and running but I stayed on the plan. I don't have anything cooked except some of David's marinara sauce but I think I will just do shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and some almonds and salad for my two snacks. I am down that half pound and I'm very happy. I even put the dress on and it fits. It is super short though!!!!! But I'm going to look ka-ute!!! Q

NYBP Day 8 Journal

I woke up this morning and hopped on the scale. My total for the first 7 days is 9.5 pounds!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Go me. I did my core workout this morning. At a meeting today, they had an assortment of wonderful looking cookies. I passed the tray on and headed back to work to have my soup. I was going to go to the 4:30 yoga class today but a briefing I was in ran longer than expected. So instead I came home and did Turbo Jam, Fat Blaster. I really pushed myself. I'm also doing a torso trimming program from t-tapp after my workouts and will be dry skin brushing as well. The brushing helps to remove toxins and also reduces loose skin.

I went to my first biggest loser weigh in and I'm sure my trainer and nutritionist will have something to say about how much weight I lost in a short time. I know some people don't think it's good but for me, it's wonderful!!! It's the motivation I need to keep going. I like seeing my body change literally overnight. I'm going to keep pushing these next 6 days!!! Q

NYBP Day 6 and 7 Journal

Yesterday was super busy. My husband had his final procedure yesterday but I managed to get my workout in at night. My meals for yesterday and today went like this:
Breakfast: Shake
Snack: Veggie Soup
Lunch: Basque style chicken
Snack: Almonds
Dinner: Shake

This morning I woke up down another pound. I had a lot of scrambling to do in order to prepare for the wedding. I forgot to order my sash so I spent a great deal calling David's all over trying find one. I was finally able to find one in TN and had it sent to my mom's house. One of my cousin's friends was able to find the shoes in the size I needed. I also swung by the local David's and exchanged my dress for a larger size. I will have to get the mid section tailored in but I needed the larger size for my boobs. In all of my inch and weight loss, my boob size didn't budge.

I am halfway done with the program and I'm ready to kick it up. I didn't reach my goal of 2 pounds a day but I am very happy. I can see changes in my body and others can as well. I am encouraged going forward. I'm going to add in some additional cardio these last 7 days. I finish my yoga on the 11th. Once I get to where the wedding is being held, I'm going to stick to the eating plan and go running. I plan on drinking shakes all day Saturday leading up to the wedding at 5 pm.

I've also began to think about how to maintain. I came across an article in a magazine on the 4 hour body. I like it because they meals are close to what I am doing now. However, the 7th day is a cheat day. I like that better than the maintenance plan for the NYBP. David allows you to gradually add the restricted foods back but I don't trust myself. I like being on a strict program most of the time and then having a binge day. I will have my 7 day total tomorrow morning but right now I'm happy and pressing on!!! Q

NYBP Day 5 Journal

Cornstarch, crushed ice and nausea. Those 3 words describe my day. Yeah I'm weird and I know it. But let me explain. A few months ago, I got real sick and had to go to the doctor. I lost A LOT of blood A.LOT. After I began to recover, I started having a craving for cornstarch. It was serious. I ended up purchasing 3 brands until I settled on one that satisfied me. I wouldn't always eat it. Most times I would just chew and spit it out. But oooh it was so good to me. I tried to quit but the cravings were too strong. I was going through about a 16oz box a week. Well shortly before starting this program, I stopped. I wanted to have a head start since it is not on the eating plan. I was doing fine until today...

This morning I woke up late and forgot my shake at home. My schedule was thrown off. I ate almonds for breakfast, veggie soup for a snack and this chicken recipe from the book for lunch. I went home and got my shake. I had it for snack and just another one for dinner. Everything was thrown off today including work. So the cravings for the cornstarch were SERIOUS. The only thing that helped was crushed ice. In the class I was in today, there is a snack shop/store next door and they have this crushed ice machine. The ice is like the one at Sonic only better. I went through several cups today.

On the way home, the cravings were back. I downed a shake, waited and went to yoga. I was only partly through the standing session when it hit me, nausea. It was serious. I tried breathing. I tried drinking some water. I tried sitting down. Eventually I had to leave the room and go lay down outside. I felt like crap. After a few minutes, I went back in. I was determined to finish and I did. I killed it on the floor pushing myself extra hard. I just got home, did my 15 minute workout, showered and downed a shake. As for the pounds, well the scale didn't budge. But that just means I will see a really good number tomorrow!!! Q

NYBP Day 4 Journal

This morning I woke up with God on my mind. I was preaching at church and encouraged by the Word He had given to me. I stayed in bed a few moments just thanking Him for all He has done. I went to the bathroom and stepped on the scale. I look at the total, stepped off and stepped back on. It was the same. Yup I am down 6 pounds since starting the NYBP!!!! I went back in the bedroom and grabbed my measuring tape. I took some quick measurements of my arms, hips, and waist. I am down over 6 inches total and 4 of those was in my waist. That was the push I needed to keep going.

My eating schedule was off a little due to church and going food shopping with the family. Boy was that hard!!! But I came home, had a salad, a little bit later, some almonds and headed to Bikram at 3. I finished my yoga, came home and did my 15 minute lower body workout. I just got out of the shower and I am grilling some chicken breasts. I am eating a little more since I have to make up for dinner and my last snack. I am grilling 10oz and will have a nice big salad as my last meal of the day. I am so encouraged and inspired right now!!! Q

NYBP Day 3 Journal

Today was jam packed and my schedule was thrown off a little. But I managed to get everything in including the core program and Bikram yoga. I took pictures on day one and will take some tomorrow on day four. I was tired and spent afterward but I pressed on and spent a few hours with my godson and his cousin. My meals were the same except the timing was different. Tomorrow I will take the time to cook and do some of the recipes in the book. I woke up this morning with a 1 pound loss. I wasn't upset because that officially put me at a loss of 20 pounds since starting this journey.

I didn't need the book or anything for inspiration because I am just that focused. I want this. More than I've wanted it before. Not just for the dress but for me. I want my body back. I want to be healthy and fit. I want to be someone my kids can look up to as a fitness inspiration. I want to give my husband back the woman he married. I want to win this biggest loser competition. I want to inspire others who think working, having kids and a husband keeps you from being healthy and working out. I want to be the me I want to be.

A part of me was a little upset thinking about how I let myself go. But staying mad won't change things. I can't change the past. But what I will do and am going to do is make sure my future is different. Each day, I am saying goodbye to the old me and hello to the new me!! Q

NYBP Day 2 Journal

I woke up sore as heck but feeling good. I was a little upset because I forgot to set my alarm but didn't stress because today was a 15 minute day. I stepped on the scale and the amount shocked me. I didn't believe it so I went and had my shake and some water. I got back on and it showed a 2 pound loss!!!! Yes I loss 2 pounds. Remember I said I was claiming 14 in the first 7 days and I am right on track. Oh and before my water and shake, it was showing a loss of 3 pounds. I was so happy, I wanted to cry!!!

My meals were exactly as yesterday. I will do some of the recipes from the book tomorrow in order to mix it up a little. But I am enjoying what I've been eating so far. I love having a little dijon mustard on my salad. I had a chemical peel done today at lunch. I started my 15 minute upper body workout at around 5:30.Then I popped in Turbo Jam and did the Cardio Party Mix 5 which was about 50 minutes long. I really pushed myself and just downed my last meal/shake of the night along with a flaxseed pill.

One thing I am considering is my upper body situation, particularly my boobs. I am well endowed and from the site, I don't think a 10 will fit unless I lose some major inches which I don't want. But we'll see. If I need to, next weekend I will trade mine in for a 12 and have the rest tailored to fit my new body!!! Q

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