NYBP Day 5 Journal

Cornstarch, crushed ice and nausea. Those 3 words describe my day. Yeah I'm weird and I know it. But let me explain. A few months ago, I got real sick and had to go to the doctor. I lost A LOT of blood A.LOT. After I began to recover, I started having a craving for cornstarch. It was serious. I ended up purchasing 3 brands until I settled on one that satisfied me. I wouldn't always eat it. Most times I would just chew and spit it out. But oooh it was so good to me. I tried to quit but the cravings were too strong. I was going through about a 16oz box a week. Well shortly before starting this program, I stopped. I wanted to have a head start since it is not on the eating plan. I was doing fine until today...

This morning I woke up late and forgot my shake at home. My schedule was thrown off. I ate almonds for breakfast, veggie soup for a snack and this chicken recipe from the book for lunch. I went home and got my shake. I had it for snack and just another one for dinner. Everything was thrown off today including work. So the cravings for the cornstarch were SERIOUS. The only thing that helped was crushed ice. In the class I was in today, there is a snack shop/store next door and they have this crushed ice machine. The ice is like the one at Sonic only better. I went through several cups today.

On the way home, the cravings were back. I downed a shake, waited and went to yoga. I was only partly through the standing session when it hit me, nausea. It was serious. I tried breathing. I tried drinking some water. I tried sitting down. Eventually I had to leave the room and go lay down outside. I felt like crap. After a few minutes, I went back in. I was determined to finish and I did. I killed it on the floor pushing myself extra hard. I just got home, did my 15 minute workout, showered and downed a shake. As for the pounds, well the scale didn't budge. But that just means I will see a really good number tomorrow!!! Q


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