NYBP Day 14 Journal

I DID IT!!!!! Yes I did. I'm so happy to be done today. I mean it feels good. David Kirsch started to annoy me these last few days. LOL As of today, I lost 13 pounds in 13 days. I hope to be down one more tomorrow to make it 14 for 14. Today was super busy for me. I leave for the wedding tomorrow and I can't wait. I still plan on eating sensible at least until the reception.

As far as the overall program, I think it is great. It is a good way to get in shape in 2 weeks. I kinda wish I would have done more cardio because I think my results would have been better but I am proud of myself for pushing through Bikram yoga. Tomorrow morning I will weigh, measure, and take my progress pics. I'm already looking ahead and planning for the next stage. This is about more than just fitting into a dress or being a certain size, I want to be healthy and fit from here on out. There is no looking back!!! Q


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