NYBP Day 2 Journal

I woke up sore as heck but feeling good. I was a little upset because I forgot to set my alarm but didn't stress because today was a 15 minute day. I stepped on the scale and the amount shocked me. I didn't believe it so I went and had my shake and some water. I got back on and it showed a 2 pound loss!!!! Yes I loss 2 pounds. Remember I said I was claiming 14 in the first 7 days and I am right on track. Oh and before my water and shake, it was showing a loss of 3 pounds. I was so happy, I wanted to cry!!!

My meals were exactly as yesterday. I will do some of the recipes from the book tomorrow in order to mix it up a little. But I am enjoying what I've been eating so far. I love having a little dijon mustard on my salad. I had a chemical peel done today at lunch. I started my 15 minute upper body workout at around 5:30.Then I popped in Turbo Jam and did the Cardio Party Mix 5 which was about 50 minutes long. I really pushed myself and just downed my last meal/shake of the night along with a flaxseed pill.

One thing I am considering is my upper body situation, particularly my boobs. I am well endowed and from the site, I don't think a 10 will fit unless I lose some major inches which I don't want. But we'll see. If I need to, next weekend I will trade mine in for a 12 and have the rest tailored to fit my new body!!! Q


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