NYBP Day 10 Journal

I woke up down another pound. I haven't been able to do all of my torso trimmer workouts or additional yoga like I'd planned. I stayed in bed longer today which through my schedule off. I did Bikram at 3, relaxed for a bit and then just finished my Core program. I have 5 days left and I want to really push myself. I just have to stay focused. My eating went as follows:
Breakfast: Shake
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Shake
Snack: Baked salmon, spinach with olive oil and dijon mustard
Dinner: Shake

I still haven't taken anymore pics. I want to wait until all 14 days are done. I need to pick up some more fiber tomorrow. Bikram really wore me out today. The instructor was male and kind of um, er, ah different. He was more interactive than the others, had a gut, painted toe nails (red), and he didn't use the mic. I felt naseous and dizzy again but not like last time. I just did what I could on the standing part and put my all into the floor. I won't be able to go tomorrow because I need to pack and cook for the week. But I will be there Monday and that will make day 10 for me. I wanted to do more but life happens. I'm proud of myself for doing as many as I have. I won't be signing up for a membership because it's too expensive and I'm not "that" into it ya know? But I will buy single classes every now and then. I will also do the poses and movements at home to keep my flexibility up.

Welp I've rambled enough. I'm off to do some torso trimming ab work, body brush, take a shower and get to bed. Q


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