NYBP Day 8 Journal

I woke up this morning and hopped on the scale. My total for the first 7 days is 9.5 pounds!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Go me. I did my core workout this morning. At a meeting today, they had an assortment of wonderful looking cookies. I passed the tray on and headed back to work to have my soup. I was going to go to the 4:30 yoga class today but a briefing I was in ran longer than expected. So instead I came home and did Turbo Jam, Fat Blaster. I really pushed myself. I'm also doing a torso trimming program from t-tapp after my workouts and will be dry skin brushing as well. The brushing helps to remove toxins and also reduces loose skin.

I went to my first biggest loser weigh in and I'm sure my trainer and nutritionist will have something to say about how much weight I lost in a short time. I know some people don't think it's good but for me, it's wonderful!!! It's the motivation I need to keep going. I like seeing my body change literally overnight. I'm going to keep pushing these next 6 days!!! Q


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