NYBP Day 6 and 7 Journal

Yesterday was super busy. My husband had his final procedure yesterday but I managed to get my workout in at night. My meals for yesterday and today went like this:
Breakfast: Shake
Snack: Veggie Soup
Lunch: Basque style chicken
Snack: Almonds
Dinner: Shake

This morning I woke up down another pound. I had a lot of scrambling to do in order to prepare for the wedding. I forgot to order my sash so I spent a great deal calling David's all over trying find one. I was finally able to find one in TN and had it sent to my mom's house. One of my cousin's friends was able to find the shoes in the size I needed. I also swung by the local David's and exchanged my dress for a larger size. I will have to get the mid section tailored in but I needed the larger size for my boobs. In all of my inch and weight loss, my boob size didn't budge.

I am halfway done with the program and I'm ready to kick it up. I didn't reach my goal of 2 pounds a day but I am very happy. I can see changes in my body and others can as well. I am encouraged going forward. I'm going to add in some additional cardio these last 7 days. I finish my yoga on the 11th. Once I get to where the wedding is being held, I'm going to stick to the eating plan and go running. I plan on drinking shakes all day Saturday leading up to the wedding at 5 pm.

I've also began to think about how to maintain. I came across an article in a magazine on the 4 hour body. I like it because they meals are close to what I am doing now. However, the 7th day is a cheat day. I like that better than the maintenance plan for the NYBP. David allows you to gradually add the restricted foods back but I don't trust myself. I like being on a strict program most of the time and then having a binge day. I will have my 7 day total tomorrow morning but right now I'm happy and pressing on!!! Q


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