I'm back and on a Mission!!!!

Thanks to my little sis, I have a name for it too. It's Mission 10!!! What is Mission 10? My cousin is getting married in April and I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding. I have the dress and it's in a size 10. My goal is an 8 but I got a 10 so I can get it tailored to fit my curves. The dress is strapless and short so I can't half step. I can't just lose weight, I have to be fit and toned. Now I've been working out prior to all of this but the wedding is the motivation I needed to really step things up.

I joined groupon earlier this year and purchased one for a bootcamp and jazzercise. Both of them were going to expire soon so I got moving. On top of that, I purchased another bootcamp to do with my friend Danielle who just located to the area and Insanity with my online friend Lisa. Yeah I'm crazy. I know it sounds like a lot but I balance the workouts and most importantly, I can control the intensity of them accordingly. I'm probably going to stop Insanity just because I want to focus on definition right now. Plus the bootcamps are only a month long and jazzercise ends in about 2 more weeks.

I joined a workout group on FB and they have been helping me to be accountable. So now that I am consistent, I plan on putting all of my info on here. I will say that in the last week, I've lost 5 pounds!!!! Yes I plan on working out through Thanksgiving as well. Mission 10 is in full affect!!! Q

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