NYBP Day 4 Journal

This morning I woke up with God on my mind. I was preaching at church and encouraged by the Word He had given to me. I stayed in bed a few moments just thanking Him for all He has done. I went to the bathroom and stepped on the scale. I look at the total, stepped off and stepped back on. It was the same. Yup I am down 6 pounds since starting the NYBP!!!! I went back in the bedroom and grabbed my measuring tape. I took some quick measurements of my arms, hips, and waist. I am down over 6 inches total and 4 of those was in my waist. That was the push I needed to keep going.

My eating schedule was off a little due to church and going food shopping with the family. Boy was that hard!!! But I came home, had a salad, a little bit later, some almonds and headed to Bikram at 3. I finished my yoga, came home and did my 15 minute lower body workout. I just got out of the shower and I am grilling some chicken breasts. I am eating a little more since I have to make up for dinner and my last snack. I am grilling 10oz and will have a nice big salad as my last meal of the day. I am so encouraged and inspired right now!!! Q


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