New workout tapes

I had a small setback last week due to hypo and didn't feel like posting. But I am over it and ready to get back on track. I just purchased 2 new workout tapes via ebay to mix things up. I am looking forward to trying them tomorrow and will have reviews later this week. Workout videos are great. Especially right now with the weather. Most people don't want to go running outside or hit the gym but nothing beats working out at home. Don't slack off people. If you have a dvd or a vcr, you have no excuse. Remember this is about having your best body ever. Much love. Q

Be healthy and save money

This post came to me a couple of days ago. I read something another blogger posted and then an article in shape that got my mind going. Right now the economy is in the tank. So many people are stressed and worried about money. It hit me that one of the best ways to secure your financial future, is to be healthy. Think about it, you work, save and invest in hopes of one day retiring and being able to live off the money you have set aside. But a lot of people are going to miss out because they are neglecting their health.

Instead of spending money on nice vacations too many people are going to be giving it away paying for prescriptions, doctor visits, and medical procedures. If you don't take care of your body now, you will pay for it later. Making the right choices now will save you money in the long run. I want everyone to enjoy their nest egg and not spend it all trying to stay alive and have to turn to social security (which probably won't be around much longer) in order to make ends meet. So if you are truly concerned about your money, then do something about it right now. Choose to live a healthy and active life from here on out because doing so is one of the best investments you will ever make and the payoff is priceless. Much love. Q

30 days left to put up or shut up

That's all we have left in the year 2008. My how time flies. Thanksgiving is over. You've had your time to eat. So now you should be ready to get back on track. You've read my posts, seen how fast the time flew on the 2 a day challenge. So what's stopping you now? Yeah you can wait until the new year and be like the million other people who make it their resolution to finally lose weight and get in shape, or you can start now and be well on your way by the time 2009 rolls in.

As for me, I am down a size after completing BFL which is great!!! I am now starting this intense 4 week fat loss workout regimen. I have to put up or shut up myself and release my pics to you guys as promised. So the pressure is def on. Maybe some of you should consider doing that as well in order to motivate yourself. Tell a friend you trust your plan and make yourself accountable to them. Tell them you want to reveal your progress at the end of the year and ask them to stay on you so you won't back down. Either way, now is a great time to get your behind into gear. You have had 11 months of chilling, slacking and lolly gaggin around, so make a resolution right now to go into 2009 with your best body ever!!! Q

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This is my journey to not just lose weight but to have my best body ever!!!