Hey blog and update

I am so upset right now. I downloaded all of my pics to a disk including my before pic. My dh took it out of the laptop and I cannot find it!!!! I promise I am not stalling because I really think you could see a difference. Anyway, I took another pic Monday which will be my official before pic. I started Chalean Extreme Monday and so far so good. I am probably going to repeat week 1 because the program is a lot more hands on than I expected. I realized I am a lot stronger than I thought and it requires you to fail at rep 12 and I went over on some of the exercises. I am thinking about getting those dial in type weights to make transitioning easier. I am also going to be posting recipes and pics of what I am eating too. Sorry I've been MIA but I am back in school so I am trying to balance it all. But just know that no matter what, my health is still a priority. Much love. Q


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This is my journey to not just lose weight but to have my best body ever!!!