A New Year and I am ready to keep it moving

Alright so I admit, I slacked with this blog towards the end of the year. I continued to workout but I have so much more I wanted to post here but I needed some personal time to focus on spiritual things. But I am back baby!!! There is a new 2 a day challenge starting this week. Here is the rules and info:
1. You must be signed up to win. Deadline to sign up is Monday January 5th at 11:59 pm mountain time.
2. You must state how many days you plan on working out for each week.
3. You must state your goals and take starting stats. We are on an honor system. You can take starting pics if you'd like.
4. You must check in at least 3 times a week for each week.
5. At the end of the challenge you must email or pm me your final info which includes a short summary of what changes you experienced, goals that were met etc.

The prizes are going to be even better this time!!! That reminds me, I need to post the pics the winners sent me of their prizes. Oh and I got a fab new workout I am soo excited about!!! I will be starting Chalene Extreme on Monday. It is from the maker of Turbo Jam, which is my favorite workout and it is a 90 day program. It is hard core but I am so ready to tackle it. If you are wondering, no I don't have any resolutions to lose weight this year. Instead I have goals and my goal for this year, you guessed it, to have my best body EVER!!!!! Q


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This is my journey to not just lose weight but to have my best body ever!!!