Want to slim down in 2 weeks?

Well this is the plan for you. I have done this plan before with great results. I modified it and I've never done the full 14 days 100% but I am working my way up there. This is a no nonsense workout and eating plan for 14 days. There are 3 workouts that you do according to a schedule. One is a core workout which works you from head to toe and is 45 minutes long. The second is a 15 minute arms and abs workout and the last is a 15 minutes legs and butt workout. He uses a stability ball, dumbbells and a medicine ball. It is intense and not for someone just starting out. In the book and on the dvd, you get a precore workout which is basically a scaled back version that helps you work your way up the the 2 week program.

The book also includes an eating plan which is really strict. It cuts out most carbs including fruit, and barbeque sauce. He suggests whey protein shakes, there is no eating after 7 pm and the book has recipes as well. There is a daily page for each day with motivation from others who have tried the program along with what workout you should be doing. In addition to your dvd workout, he also requires an hour of hard cardio like running or kickboxing. So depending on the day, you will be doing and hour and 15 to and hour of 45 minutes of working out each day. You will feel it, you will sweat, you will curse him but you will see results. Take care. Q


Janet in Atlanta January 2, 2009 at 6:02 AM  

I need something like this to get me jump started... Just to get the cobwebs out and to shock the body. I believe that's a big help sometimes, it allows the person to see results quickly and then give motivation to move forward. I may check this out soon.

Thanks for the review!

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