Our 2 a day challenge winners

As some of you may or may not know, I started a 2 a day challenge a few weeks ago. We had a lot of people signed up and several had to drop out for different reasons. When it was all said and done, there was a total of 7 people (divinefavor, Tee, Mrs.Pretty08, caribgirl, PRhair, Oasis, Yodie) who completed the challenge. Out of those 7, who completed, and emailed or pm'd their info to me, 3 were chosen. I threw in an honorable mention as well and decided to make the prizes a little sweeter. Here are the winners:

Honorable mention:
Mrs.Pretty 08- You will be receiving a jump rope

3rd place:
Yodie- You will be receiving a jump rope and a workout dvd

2nd place:
Tee- You will be recieving a $40.00 Bally's sculpt and tone workout kit that includes a ball, pump, power ankle/wrist bands, slimmer belt, and a dvd.

Grand Prize winner:
Divinefavor- You will also receive the $40.00 Bally's set along with a $25 foot locker gift card.

Congrats to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated. I will be sending the gifts out this coming week and the new official challenge will begin in January. Q


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