What's your motivation?

I was thinking today about my goals. Every week my clothes are fitting better, I feel better, and I am getting closer to my goal. I have a lot of things that motivate me. I am motivated by the wonderful clothes I want to wear, I am motivated because I want us to take a family pic and I don't want to look like Puff the magic dragon, I am motivated because I want to be fit and healthy so I can enjoy my husband, my girls and my friends for as long as possible.

So whatever it is that motivates you, think about it and stay focused on it. Some people post a pic of themselves at a smaller size on the fridge, some have a pair of jeans they keep out that they want to fit into, and some people have an appointment scheduled to see how they are progressing. We all are motivated by something. Heck it can just be for pure vanity, and I ain't mad atcha!!!

But it is important to have something that keeps you going and keeps you focused. You need something that makes you go a little longer, lift a little more weights, or put down that cake. We all need it. So think about what is motivating you and make it your focus so you can have your best body ever. Much love. Q


french country home decor November 4, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

my family is my motivations and inspiration!

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