Get ready, get set.....

I continued to work out this week on Monday and Tuesday. I did Bikram yoga both days and some additional workouts as well. I decided to use to today as an active rest/prep day. I'm getting all of my stuff together like my dvd, balls, and hand weights. I'm also going shopping for my food items and my protein shake. My plan is to go to bed early so I can start working out at 5:45. I will take my Bikram yoga class from 4:30 to 6 and have my last shake at 6:30.

The supplements I will be taking are, melaleuca vitamins and minerals, L-Carnitine, flaxseed, and fiber. I will have 2 shakes, one for breakfast and one after yoga. As for my additional cardio, I want to hit it hard so it will probably be a mix of turbo jam and insanity. I took my starting weight, body fat, and measurements. I will also take a picture every day as well and post them once this is all over. I'm ready to GO!!! Q


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