I'm back!!!!

Yeah I know you've heard that before. Man the last few months have been super hectic and stressful. I had a lot of stuff going on family wise and I admit I slacked a little. Well last week I kicked my butt into gear and I lost 7 pounds!!! Whoo hoo go me. So I wanted to share what I have been doing.

Eating- I am eating more often every 2-3 hours using protein shakes and stopped eating after 7. I purchased lean gourmet meals and ate them for lunch and dinner.

Working out- I started Bikram yoga and did 2 a days as well.

Water- I really think water is key. I drink at least 96oz every day.

Here are the workouts I did last week:
Monday- Nothing
Tuesday- XTreme Timesaver workout in the am, run/walk program on the treadmill in the pm
Wednesday- 30 day Shred level 3 and Turbo jam fat blaster in the am, Bikram yoga in the pm.
Thursday- Xtreme workout in the am, Bikram yoga in the pm.
Friday- 30 day shred level 3 in the am.
Saturday- Walking
Sunday- Walking

I hope this helps someone!!! Q


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