Insanity: BRING IT!!!!

I'm talking tough now but I need to in order to psych myself out. LOL I started Insanity on Monday and today I am really feeling it. I'm not as sore like when I first attempted (this is attempt 3 to finish) it, but yeah it goes hard!!! My goal is to keep going even when I go out of town so I need to find a player to connect to my netbook. I should finish a week before the start of the new year and my goal is to be a size 8 when it is all said and done. This isn't the only program I will be doing. I have some groupons I need to use for yoga, and a bootcamp and I will be mixing those in on the lighter workout days as well. So here is what I did for my first fit test:
Switch Kicks 74
Power Jacks 55
Power Knees 82
Power Jumps 22
Globe Jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 10
Push-up Jacks 10
Low Plank Oblique 34

I def want to improve with the jacks and suicide jumps. The Globe jumps are hard because 1 jump is actually 4 so I'm not stressing over that. Let's go!!! Q


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