Our 2 a day challenge winners

As some of you may or may not know, I started a 2 a day challenge a few weeks ago. We had a lot of people signed up and several had to drop out for different reasons. When it was all said and done, there was a total of 7 people (divinefavor, Tee, Mrs.Pretty08, caribgirl, PRhair, Oasis, Yodie) who completed the challenge. Out of those 7, who completed, and emailed or pm'd their info to me, 3 were chosen. I threw in an honorable mention as well and decided to make the prizes a little sweeter. Here are the winners:

Honorable mention:
Mrs.Pretty 08- You will be receiving a jump rope

3rd place:
Yodie- You will be receiving a jump rope and a workout dvd

2nd place:
Tee- You will be recieving a $40.00 Bally's sculpt and tone workout kit that includes a ball, pump, power ankle/wrist bands, slimmer belt, and a dvd.

Grand Prize winner:
Divinefavor- You will also receive the $40.00 Bally's set along with a $25 foot locker gift card.

Congrats to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated. I will be sending the gifts out this coming week and the new official challenge will begin in January. Q

The 2 a day challenge is over!!!

I cannot belive how quickly these 4 weeks have gone by. I am just amazed!! Big Congrats to everyone who started and finished the challenge. To those who didn't, I hope you will join in the next one. I am awaiting all of the final entry info and will anounce the winner after Thanksgiving. Here are the folks who are currently in the running in no particular order:

Ladies please make sure you email me all of your info to include pics (optional), stats, and a short paragraph summarizing the challenge. The email is qmyers1015@comcast.net Good luck. Q

Want to slim down in 2 weeks?

Well this is the plan for you. I have done this plan before with great results. I modified it and I've never done the full 14 days 100% but I am working my way up there. This is a no nonsense workout and eating plan for 14 days. There are 3 workouts that you do according to a schedule. One is a core workout which works you from head to toe and is 45 minutes long. The second is a 15 minute arms and abs workout and the last is a 15 minutes legs and butt workout. He uses a stability ball, dumbbells and a medicine ball. It is intense and not for someone just starting out. In the book and on the dvd, you get a precore workout which is basically a scaled back version that helps you work your way up the the 2 week program.

The book also includes an eating plan which is really strict. It cuts out most carbs including fruit, and barbeque sauce. He suggests whey protein shakes, there is no eating after 7 pm and the book has recipes as well. There is a daily page for each day with motivation from others who have tried the program along with what workout you should be doing. In addition to your dvd workout, he also requires an hour of hard cardio like running or kickboxing. So depending on the day, you will be doing and hour and 15 to and hour of 45 minutes of working out each day. You will feel it, you will sweat, you will curse him but you will see results. Take care. Q


I will have an update with pics after Christmas on or around the 27th. Q

Warning, vent ahead

This was somewhat inspired by another blogger's video but it has been in my mind for a minute. In case you didn't know, this ish ain't easy. NOPE So if you thought it would be then you need to suck it up and do what you gotta do or fall the heck back. No one understands this more than me ya heard. I know what it's like to work your arse off, eat right, and do all the right things only to lose NOTHING. Yes this has happened to me. This hypo ain't no joke. But you know what, I haven't stopped and I won't stop. Even if I don't look the way I want, I know what I am doing is the right thing. I feel a lot better, I have more energy, and I love knowing I am setting a good example for my girls.

If you saw me, you would probably assume I am just another overweight chick. But if you looked into my world you would know that on most days I am up at 5am working out, then I eat, cook for my kids, take them to school, eat healthy at work, go workout again and come home. I rarely eat out. I rarely eat fried foods, and on most days, about 90% of what I eat is fruit and veggies. So if anyone understands how hard it is to balance life, eat healthy, and still find time to work on having their best body, it is me.

I can't fuss enough, take enough pictures, or post enough that will make you do what you know you need to do. YOU have to want it for yourself. YOU have to be fed up with being where you are. YOU have to choose to make better choices for yourself. That's it. Most people fail because they are not planning. You have to do some sort of planning to avoid the pitfalls along the way. You don't have to be a food network chef. You can simply start by going shopping and having healthy food items. That alone will help you to make big changes. I had 29 people sign up for the 2 a day challenge and several have dropped out. I knew it would happen but I hope they are able to still work on having their best body ever. Winning prizes is nice but looking great and feeling great is much better. Take care. Q

50 days left

As of today there are 50 days left in the year 2008. There is still time for you to get your act together. What are you waiting for? In 50 days, you can be well on your way to having your best body ever!!! Q

60 days left!!!!

As of today, there are 60 days left until the year 2009. You could choose to wait and make another resolution to get in shape. Or you can getting moving now. In 60 days, you could be anywhere from 16-20 lbs lighter and down a couple of sizes. You could take some much needed points off of your cholesterol. You could be ready to run in that 5k or marathon you have been eying. It is up to you. 60 days and you could have your best body ever!!!! Q

What's your motivation?

I was thinking today about my goals. Every week my clothes are fitting better, I feel better, and I am getting closer to my goal. I have a lot of things that motivate me. I am motivated by the wonderful clothes I want to wear, I am motivated because I want us to take a family pic and I don't want to look like Puff the magic dragon, I am motivated because I want to be fit and healthy so I can enjoy my husband, my girls and my friends for as long as possible.

So whatever it is that motivates you, think about it and stay focused on it. Some people post a pic of themselves at a smaller size on the fridge, some have a pair of jeans they keep out that they want to fit into, and some people have an appointment scheduled to see how they are progressing. We all are motivated by something. Heck it can just be for pure vanity, and I ain't mad atcha!!!

But it is important to have something that keeps you going and keeps you focused. You need something that makes you go a little longer, lift a little more weights, or put down that cake. We all need it. So think about what is motivating you and make it your focus so you can have your best body ever. Much love. Q

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