90 days left

Gosh this year sure flew by. There are only 90 days left. 90 days to go into the new year looking and feeling better. So what are you waiting for? Forget having a new year's resolution. Start right now and you can go into the new year happy. Why put off what you could be doing today? Do you know all it takes is 21 days to make something a habit and to see and feel physical changes. So 90 days is more than enough time for you. Especially with the holidays coming up. Get a headstart so you can enjoy some turkey, pies, and cakes without feeling guilty. 90 days!!! READY SET GO. Q


biancaelyse October 6, 2008 at 7:50 PM  

Nice blog Que!!

These last 90 days can be murder!! I am working hard to make sure I don't get sabotaged this year.

I will be using my alternate (lighter) recipes during the holidays and not overdoing it.

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