Formula to help lose weight

For those of you who do like to weigh yourself and need to see the scale go down in order to be motivated, here is a formula I found in an article I clipped:

1.Subtract 10 pounds from your current weight, then multiply this figure by 4.4.
Ex: If you weigh 145 now, subtract 10 pounds to get 135. Multiply by 4.4, you get 594.

2.Calculate your height in inches, then multiply this figure by 4.6.
Ex: If you're 5'4", you're 64 inches tall. Multiply that by 4.6 to get 294.4.

3.Multiply your age in years by 4.7.
Ex: If you're 30, you get 141

4.Add up the answers to numbers one through three and then add 655.
Ex: 597+294.4+141+655= 1,684.4.
Round up or down to the nearest whole number: 1,684

5.Multiply this number by an activity factor-- this is the figure that helps determine the number of extra calories you need to support your daily physical activity level:
*1.2 if you sit at a desk all day, are unable to work out due to an injury or are too tired or too busy to exercise on a daily basis.
*1.3 if you walk your dog twice or more daily, take the stairs whenever you can or exercise moderately for up to 2 days a week.
*1.5 if you exercise for 1 hour at least 3 and up to 5 times a week.
*1.7 if you are a hard-core runner, train 2-plus hours a day or have a physically demanding job.

Your final number equals your daily calorie limit to lose 10 pounds in six weeks



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