Is it time for a change?

So you have been working out and eating right. You've seen some results but you are still not where you want to be. Maybe it is time for a change. Just like we adapt to our environments, our bodies adapt to our routines as well. Eventually what we are doing is no longer challenging. We don't see results, we get frustrated and give up. Well now is not the time to do so. Now is the time to make some changes.

Here are some things you can do to mix it up and stay focused on having Your Best Body ever:
1. Change the order of your workouts- If you are following a plan like Body For Life, try changing the order you work each exercise group. If you start with your triceps and end with your biceps, try starting with your biceps and ending with your triceps.

2. Get out and enjoy nature- a lot of people like to run or walk on a treadmill, maybe you should try going outside and taking a stroll around your neighborhood.

3. Change the time you work out- If you are working out in the evening, try throwing in a couple of morning workouts and vice versa.

4. Push yourself- try going up a little with your weights or maybe walking and running a longer distance. Push yourself a little in order to get stronger.

5. Try something new- Instead of going to your regular aerobics class, try looking at the schedule and see what other classes they have to offer. Try spinning, or kickboxing, or yoga to mix things up.

6. Dazzle your tastebuds- eating healthy doesn't have to be bland and boring. Go to the library or search online for some healthy recipes and try them out. Look into cuisines from different cultures.

Take care everyone. Q


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