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During the first season of the biggest loser, they had the training and diet info listed on the site for free. I was smart enough to print it off. A lot of people watch the show and get discouraged because they don't see the results the contestants are seeing. Well first let me say what they do is super strenuous and strict. They also have trainers available to push them and they have the time to do it as well. They are away at the ranch secluded so they don't deal with work and life like everyday people like you and I. So I am going to post the plan just to show you how strict it is. I am not suggesting you try it. I would highly suggest you get your doctor's approval before starting any type of program. I know a few people who have modified the workout or used it for a week as a mini bootcamp and got results. HTH Q
Monday: Morning: 1 hour of cardio first thing in the am on empty stomach
Afternoon: 1 hour of functional resistance circuit training followed
immediately by 45 mins of cardio in target heart rate
Night: 1 hour of kick boxing

Tuesday: Morning: same as Monday
Afternoon: same as Monday
Night: 1 hour of Yoga

Wednesday: 3 hour mountain hike

Thursday: Morning: same as Monday
Afternoon: same as Monday
Night: 1 hour of track drills

Friday: Morning: same as Monday
Afternoon: same as Monday
Night: 1 hour of Spinning

Saturday: Morning: Same as Monday
Afternoon: 5 miles on treadmill, 500 sit ups, 500 lunges, 500 push
ups, 500 squats, 500 assisted pull ups


Here is info on the diet. Jillian and the Eat Less Diet

Eat 3 meals a day with 1 snack.
Eat every 4 hours.
High protein, low to moderate fat intake, no simple carbs, low complex carbs.
Sodium isn't a big deat, but it will make you hold water temporarily so don't freak if you are up a pound after sushi with soy sauce.
Always try to have protein with your carbs-never eat carbs alone.
DRINK WATER- 100oz minimum!
2 cups of coffee per day, but for every cup drink another 8oz of water.
Tea (especially green tea) is okay but not a water substitute.
Multi Vitamin; Fish Oil; Minerals; Fiber and Chitosan.
Take vitamins in morning after workout
Take 1/2 hour before dinner with 10 oz of water minimum.

NO Foods: YES Foods:
Alcohol Chicken
Sugar Fish
Rice Beef
Flour-very limited quantities All Seafood
Bread- very limited quantities Fats are okay
Juice Great Fats are avocado, nuts,
Potato salmon (in limited portions)
Pasta Dairy is fine- low fat or non fat
Soda's-unless they are diet Green Veggies- unlimited
Tropical Fruit Fruit if only before 5:00pm- Apples, Bananas,
grapefruits and berries
Melon Soy-for vegetarians

Red Team Eat Less Sample Menu
MONDAY: Breakfast (200 cal) 1 and 1/3 cups hi lo cereal add splenda & cinnamon
Lunch (300 cal) Protein Salad- Greek Salad with chicken breast on top and 1 T low-fat feta cheese, dressing on the side (always) or 1 T of any low cal dressing
Snack (100 cal) Any light cheese with green veggies-laughing Cow light cheese; garlic cheese spread etc...Limit quantity to 100 calories worth of cheese-veggies are free calories.
Dinner (500 cal) 5 oz lean steak with grilled garlic veggies and 1/4 spaghetti squash with non-fat butter spray or non-fat sour cream- no starch on side.
Dessert (100 cal) 1 small Carbo-lite yogurt

TUESDAY: B (200 cal) 1 cup berries and 1 cup low fat cottage cheese
L (300 cal) Ceasar Salad with 1 grilled chicken breast. Up to 2 T of low cal dressing-no croutons. 2 T of low-fat Parmesan cheese
S (100 cal) 10 dry roasted almonds
D (500 cal) 2 Chicken skewers with grilled veggies 1/2 cup tabouli grilled asparagus
D (100 cal) 1/2 cup (measure un-popped) popcorn with 25 sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and Splenda on top

WEDNESDAY: B (200 cal) 5 egg whites with low-fat feta cheese and tons of green veggies (spinach, bell pepper, mushrooms, etc.)
L (300 cal) 2 cups of cottage cheese over mixed greens with low cal dressing of your choice. Put 1/4 cup of beans in salad (can be red, kidney or garbanzo)
S (100 cal) 10 dry roasted unsalted cashews
D (500 cal) 6 oz of lamb chops in Dijon sauce with grilled artichoke and grilled asparagus
D (80 cal) 2 cafe' twists

THURSDAY: B (150 cal) 1/2 grapefruit, 1 cup cottage cheese
L (500 cal) Chinese Chicken Salad- No Crispy Noodles, Low-cal dressing on side
S (120 cal) 2 low-carb Dannon Light & fit yogurts
D (400 cal) 6 oz of salmon steak in Dijon sauce, steamed broccoli and zucchini
D (50 cal) 3 sugar-free Jell-o single servings. Cup of diet Swiss Miss hot chocolate

FRIDAY: Breakfast(100 cal) 2/3 cup hi-lo cereal no milk
Lunch (500 cal) 1 shredded white meat chicken breast. 2 T whipped eggplant dip (Babaganoush) Small Greet salad ith 2 T of low fat feta and low-cal dressing on side
Snack (100 cal) Non-fat sugar-free ice blended mocha
Dinner (500 cal) 4 chicken saute' skewers Large cucumber salad, dressing on side-no cheese or croutons. As many green grilled veggies as you can eat.
Dessert (100 cal) 1/4 cup of low-fat ricotta cheese with vanilla extract and Splenda

SATURDAY: Breakfast (200 cal) 4 slices of turkey bacon, 1 grapefruit
Lunch (300 cal) Chicken Fajita Salad with Pico di Gallo and light sour cream
Snack (100 cal) 1 piece of light Laughing Cow cheese on 1/2 apple
Dinner (500 cal) 1.5 turkey burger patties wrapped in lettuce with 1.5 slices of low-fat American cheese on top and low-carb barbecue sauce. Steamed broccoli and side salad, grilled mushrooms and 1/4 onion, grilled.
Dessert (80 cal) 1 small sized Carbo-lite frozen yogurt.

SUNDAY: B (300 cal) Egg whites scrambled with low-fat feta, spinach and mushrooms
L (500 cal) Nicoise Tuna Salad
D (400 cal) 3 slices of pizza without eating the bread- scrape the top off!
D (300 cal) Cheat treat of your choice only 300 cals worth


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nice update! keep on posting, i'm really in to the biggest loser!

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